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  • Number of Pieces: One Unit
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Item Type: Nail Polish

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?Product detail:

?Name:Poly Gel Nail


?Specification: 15ml

?Color: 8 colors

?Package Quantity:1PC


① Primer

Apply primer, extend more firmly, illuminate for 1 minute;

②Squeeze the extension glue

Choose a mold that suits your type of nail, squeeze an appropriate amount of extension glue;

③ Dip in clean water

Dip the phototherapy pen into cleaning water, and absorb some water from the cleaning sheet;

④Evenly apply the extension glue and apply the extension glue evenly on the nail mold with a pen;

⑤ Put it on your hand

Gently press the nail mold onto your hand, and turn on the light for 1-2 minutes;

⑥ Take the nail mold

After drying, gently break off the nail mold left and right;

⑦Cut the extension glue

Cut out the required length with straight-line scissors or nail scissors;

③Modifying coating and sealing layer

Use a file to repair the desired shape, apply the sealant, and illuminate the phototherapy machine for 1-2 minutes;

【Use steps of nail polish glue】

1. The file is polished to the desired nail type

2. The sponge strip polishes the nail surface to remove grease, making the effect more durable

3. Dust brush to remove dust

4. Cleaning sheet to clean the nail surface

5. Apply primer and light for 60 seconds

6. Apply the first color gel light for 60 seconds

7. Apply the second color glue to increase the saturation of the light for 60 seconds

8. Apply the sealant and illuminate for 90-120 seconds

9. Done

About chromatic aberration:

Due to the light, or different settings on different mobile phones, computers, monitors, and the number of smears, color difference is inevitable. Slight color difference is normal for online purchases.