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19incn 21.5inch  with PC built in and printer self-service cash money payment kiosk network all in one touch Vending Machine Electronic Consumer Machine Money Counter/Detector

basic function

1, cash payment

2, bank card prepaid payment

3, invoice printing

4, print the receipt

5, self – card, change card, fill card

Two, 6 generation ID card recognition

Optional Features

1, collecting utilities, telephone charges, broadband fees etc.

2, foreign exchange, national debt, fund trading

3, the bank card business inquiries, transfer

4, account balance inquiries, transfers

5, transaction detail query, print

6, password modification

7, the official report

8, the Internet sale of tickets

9, tax registration printing

Extended function

1, bar code identification 2, cell phone identification

3, fingerprint identification 4, information release

5, multimedia advertising 6, monitoring system

7, alarm system

8, backup type UPS power supply

9, contact or non-contact IC card recharge

Function: 1, comprehensive functions, can realize the basic business of the bank card, can also apply for prepaid payment tickets and other services;

2, touch operation, simple and intuitive, friendly interface, strong user experience;

3, card reader and card issuing machine can be selected at the same time 2-3 kinds of different models;

4, the encryption keyboard has disassemble self destructing protection function, high safety;

5, reserved interface, easy to expand;

6, support the two generation of card reading;

Standard module

1 main control module


3.touch screen

4 receipt printer

5 bill printer

6.Metal encryption keyboard

7.Electric card reader

Optional module

8.Card issuing machine

9 generation card reader

10 paper money receiver

11 multimedia speaker

12 power module

13 host power

14 contact or non-contact IC card module

15 bar code identification module

16 camera

17 access control system

18 backup UPS power supply

19 fingerprint identification

20.Heating module

21.Coin change module

Note change module

Self service terminal is to "24 hours self-service system design concept, can ease the flow of people in the traditional business hall is too large, compensate for lack of original operating time, avoid the customer in the operating room for business troubles, so that customers feel relaxed, convenient and thoughtful service. Business hall self-service terminal is an extension and supplement to the business hall service. In the financial industry, user can account inquiry, self-service transfer, to print bills, board, self loss of business for; in the communications industry users through the terminal input phone number, can be for self-service phone to stop (complex) machine, Bill query print, payment, invoice printing, caller ID, GPRS and other basic services open stops for; can also buy mobile phone card, password recharge slip. Through the value-added development, but also through the supporting equipment to achieve other value-added services such as commodity purchases. The equipment has the save personnel costs, reduce operating costs, 24 hours of continuous work, no error operation and other advantages, can be placed in telecom business hall, charges on behalf of the point, station, theater, lottery tickets, hospitals, community, wharf, scenic spots, airports, electricity, taxation, government do card hall, large shopping malls, parking and other public places.


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