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  • Brand Name: MOONBIFFY
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Material: Plastic
  • Recommend Age: Maternity
  • Recommend Age: 12 y
  • Theme: electronic
  • Item Type: Electronic Pets
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Barcode: No
  • Animals: Rabbits
  • Features: Battery Operated
  • Features: Educational
  • Features: Mini
  • Features: Interactive
  • Classification: electronic
  • Certification: CE
  • CE: Type
  • Warning: no
  • Battery: Yes
  • Type Number: none
  • Color: Random
  • Packaging: bagged
  • Toy material: PS environmental material
  • Features 1: Electronic pets
  • Features 2: Simple
1. How to start

The electronic pet will start automatically when you remove the isolation tab at the back of the body and the image of the pet will appear on the LCD screen. Press select button 1 and select button 2 to select one of the 168 pets you want to feed, then press C to confirm.

2. Time mode

In feeding mode, press the C key to enter the time mode. The time display of the electronic pet is set to a 12-hour system, with PM12:00:00 being the time of day. In the time mode, press the A and B keys at the same time to enter the time adjustment mode, where the screen will display “SET”. Press select key 1 or select key 2 to adjust the hour digit: PM12, 1, 2, ……11; AM12, 1, 2 ……11, PM12 …… Press the C key to adjust the minute digits: 00, 01 ……59, 00, 01 …… Once the time has been set, press B to confirm saving. During the time setting process, unless there is a need for your pet or a sudden change in the weather, the setting will be temporarily interrupted and return to the feeding mode or weather mode. Press C to exit the time setting mode and return to feeding mode.

    3. Pet growth

With the isolation tab removed from the back of the unit, the LCD screen will show an image of your pet. Press Select Key 1 and Select Key 2 to select the preferred pet and press C to confirm. The screen will then show a moving image of the pet ready to be born, accompanied by the sound of music. Wait a short time and the pet will be born. At birth, the age, feeding and sleep data are all displayed as 0. After birth, the pet will have various physical and psychological needs. If the owner meets the pet’s needs in a timely manner, it will grow smoothly. If the owner takes care of the pet, it can grow up to 20 years of age before saying ‘goodbye’ to you.



Once the isolation tablet is removed, the electronic pet is activated! Congratulations! You are now the owner of this electronic pet and this lovely pet needs your love and attention. Please read the instructions below to learn how to care for your pet.

Turn on the power supply

    4. Power supply: 1.5V x 2
    5. Selecting your pet

(1) Press A or E to select a pet, there are 168 pets for you to choose from.

(2) After the screen displays 168, a selection of pets will appear. Press A to display the next pet, then press B again to continue displaying the next pet.

(3) Press the C key to confirm the selection.

    6. Setting the time

(1) Press the C key to enter the time mode.

(2) In time mode, press key A to set the hour digit and key B to set the minute digit. am/pm will change automatically according to the hour digit selected.

(3) After setting, press C to confirm and save.

    Before the pet is born, a flashing egg will be displayed on the screen and you will hear the “Birthday Song” music along with the birth of the pet.


*At this stage, the pet is one year old and weighs 300 grams.


Overall description

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(right image)

Uses 2 x LR4G type coin cell batteries




: Feeding

3 options

Main Meal/Full Meal: Up to 4 feeds per day.

Snacks: up to 10 times per day.

Water: up to 10 times a day.

After each feeding, your pet’s weight will increase by 10 grams. These two signs indicate that the pet refuses to eat and that the pet has eaten too much respectively.


: Play the game

Press the B button to enter the game. The screen will display a sign like this along with the sound of music. Press A to move to the left and B to move to the right. After winning the game, a high pitched upbeat musical sound will sound and the screen will display, sometimes a low melody with an unhappy expression will also appear. In total, pets have 9 different mood modes.


: Listen to music

When you enter the mode, the logo will be displayed. Press the B button to confirm and a melody will then be played. At the end of a song, your pet will become very happy and the sign will appear, corresponding to the mood mode. Press the B button to move on to the next piece of music. A total of 4 pieces of music are played in a loop.


Rock Paper Scissors

Press A to select the game and press B to confirm, the music will play and the logo will appear. Press the A key and the logo will disappear, press the A key twice in a row and the logo will be displayed, press the A key three times in a row and the logo will be displayed. Press B to confirm and the display will show the rock-paper-scissors logo at random; press C for withdrawal. After winning the game, a high pitched upbeat musical sound will sound and the screen will show, sometimes a low melody with an unhappy expression will also appear. There are a total of 9 different mood modes for pets.


: Dancing

Pets will refuse to dance when they are hungry (not long after birth, snacks are shown at 0). When you enter this mode, the sign will be displayed, press the B button to confirm and a piece of music will play and the sign will flash up and down. At the end of a song, your pet will become happy and the screen will display, at which point the mood index will also increase. After dancing 3 times in a row, the mood score will increase by one level. Pressing the B button will start the next song. There are 4 music cycles in total.


: Clean

When your pet poops, its weight will be reduced by 30g and a sign will appear. Select the clean function and it will be displayed. Until you clean, the functions of playing and feeding will not be available and you can only view the progress, time and sleep. If you select the clean function when cleaning is not required, your pet will shake its head to show its refusal.


: Treats

When the sign appears to indicate that your pet is ill, use the Heal function. When your pet is “treated”, the and sign will change to a happy sign. If the heal function is used when the pet is healthy, the pet will shake its head to indicate refusal.


: Process

Press the A button once to reveal the food and health status. Press the A button twice in a row to view the sleep status and show the sign. Press the A button three times in a row to view age and weight, showing the logo. Press the A button again to view the mood index, showing the logo.


: Sleep

The logo is displayed when you enter sleep mode. Press the A button to change the direction of lying down and press the B button to select day and night. If you select night, your pet will sleep until you press day mode. In sleep mode, all other functions will be deactivated, except for the function to view progress.


: Alert Alerts

When your pet needs care, a reminder music will sound. Check the status to see what your pet needs. When the health index is only half the value, your pet will get sick; if it weighs less than 40 grams, it will die. When winning a game, the mood index increases by one level. Listening to music and dancing will also increase the mood score. Dancing 3 times in a row increases the health score by one level. When a pet feels hungry, it refuses to dance.

*Weight automatically increases by 300g with each year your pet is older.