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  • Brand Name: ZUIDID
  • Optical Zoom: 17x – 30x
  • Image Stabilization: No
  • Sensor Element Type: CMOS
  • MegaPixel: 10.0 – 20.0MP
  • Model Number: SV105
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Special Feature: Lens-Style Cameras
  • Image Resolution (Video): 5K
  • Sensor Size (inches): APS-C
  • Focal Length: 55 – 110mm
  • Recording Format: AVI
  • Certification: CE
  • Max FPS at Full Resolution: 1920 * 1080 30fps
  • Supported OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
  • Picture format: JPG
  • Telescope: Eyepiece
  • Good for use: Can be used indoors

Svbony SV105 Astronomy Planetary Camera review

cr:Dmitry Schikochikhin

SV105 CMOS Color Astronomy Camer

USB 2.0 & Plug and Play
Dark Light Compensation
2K Resolution
1.25” Adapter Barrel
IR-650 Cut
Works with Telescope/ Spotting scope/ Microscope

The SV105 CMOS color camera is a popular choice for beginners due to its affordable price and solar system photography capabilities. It supports real-time dynamic observation and crystal clear image.

SV105 works well with telescope focal lengths in 400mm to 800mm range so using a refractor telescope with this focal length should allow seeing a clear image without any accessories.

Shorter focal length telescopes and or low-quality telescopes are not recommended for use with the SV105.

1/3" CMOS OV2710 Sensor

USB2.0 & Plug and Play

*SV105 astronomy camera can`t focus automatically, and you need to adjust your telescope`s focus to see a clear image.

Plug and play, easy to use. SV105 with 2 USB connectors ensures the fluently night sky observing. If the power is not stable, then connect the sub-USB connector to your computer or power bank, and it will transport double electric current to make sure the SV105 camera work well with enough electric power.

Software Download

Download Sharpcap Capture for windows system;
Download AstroDMx Capture for Linux system;
Download USB Camera for Android system;

Dark Light Compensation

The image processor uses dark light compensation technology to greatly improve the telescope camera's image clarity in low light conditions.

2K Resolution

By processing the image, the record 2K video at high speed, up to 30 frames per second at 1920*1080 resolution, with a maximum frame rate of up to 200 frames per second (320*240).

1.25" Adapter Barrel

The 1.25" Adapter Barrel is available for standard 1.25” filters and other 1.25” accessories. SV105 camera just replaces the eyepiece, for electronically enhanced viewing, or astrophotography. It would NOT work with most finder scopes that do not have a removeable eyepiece, or one that has an eyepiece smaller than 1.25".

IR-650 Cut

The IR650 filter, high transmittance of visible light, infrared transmittance low. The human eye cannot detect the infrared part of filter, and can adjust the scenery within react to the color of the image rendering color to achieve the best visual effect, greatly improve the image quality.

High Quality

Working Temperature: -0°C~45°C (0°F ~ 122°F)
Storage Temperature: -10°C~60°C (-4°F ~ 140°F)
Working Relative Humidity: 20%~80%
Storage Relative Humidity: 20%~95%

Used as a Guiding Camera

*The camera can not expose for a long time, and is not really sensitive, so it is better to guide brighter objects.

Used as Planetary Camera

*Suited for planetary, lunar and solar photography.

Connect the Spotting Scope(SV28) and Microscope.


Can SV105 camera work with smartphone?
First, you can download "USB Camera" from my smartphone [APP Store] and install it. This is a particularly good application because it presents the main control of the camera so that the correct exposure, etc. is set. It works with UVC webcams. Check the icon with the USB camera.
The SV105 camera was placed at the telescope focus of a refractor and was connected to the smartphone. Also need a USB2.0 to type C connector. Then the SV105 camera could connect to smartphone now.
A drop-down menu allows the selection of the camera controls which can be hidden. People could set all the settings they want. USB Camera can capture mp4 movies/videos or still images.

How to Use SV105 Astronomy Camera?
Adjust the telescope focus wheel well
▶Firstly, download the astronomy software 【sharpcarp】 from sharpcap site. then install it as following the prompts.
▶Secondly, Test the SV105 that connecting it to the computer by the USB cable coming within the package. There is no need install a driver. Because the SV105 is a standard UVC device, Windows 7 and newer operating system will automatically install the driver.

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The moon, Saturn, Juipter captured with SVBONY SV105 and COSMOS telescope by Rodolfo Langhi at 10 PM on October22,2020
Author:Rodolfo Langhi

SV105 planetary camera
Telescope Skymax 127
2x barlow
focal length 3000mm
Skywatcher Eqm35 pro
Captured with Sharpcap
Processing: Registax 6 and Photoshop
Author:Ioan Nemes

Moon using a SV105 on direct Focus of a Meade 203/SC Schimidt-Cassegrain
Author:Furlani Gma