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The Headlight Restoration Kits can effectively help you eliminate the car headlight scratches and solve yellowing, blurring, oxidation and other problems, extending the service life of the car headlight.

It can effectively eliminate the car headlight scratches and solve yellowing, blurring, oxidation and other problems.
Restore headlight clarity, increase visibility and safety.
Also suitable for using in new headlight, helping maintain and protect headlight.
Easy to operate and use, high transparency and strong adhesion.
Perfect for helping extend the service life of the car headlight, delaying it aging. Make the headlights brighter and more perfect.

Coating solution:1 bottle of coating liquid can repair 2 headlamps.
Item type: headlight restoration kit
Package weight: 1590g / 56.09oz
Package size: 32.5 * 24 * 10cm / 12.8 * 9.45 * 3.94in

Operation instructions
1.Check the damage of headlight, common symptoms are: crazing, yellowing, oxidation, blurring, molting, scratches and other symptoms.
2.Please stay in a clean, dry and windless environment,Before grinding, cover all around the lamp with protective film, and polish the lamp cover with sandpaper until there is no glossiness,Use 180#, 240#, 360#, 600#, 800#,1200#,wash and cross polish with water from small to large, Polish thoroughly and do not omit the scope, avoid rework, clean with water after polishing and dry with towel.
3.Add liquid into the atomizing cup (the unused coating liquid can be recovered, and a little more can be added appropriately), heat it to steam, power on the headlamp, unplug the power after atomization, expose to the sun, Wipe the water off the headlight,and recover the coating liquid.
1.Do not store the product in the sun. Please wear mask during operation. Pregnant women, children and the elderly are not allowed to contact! The key to headlight repair is polishing!!
2. In the process of steaming, the air outlet shall not be downward to avoid liquid dropping on the lamp. If there is a drop accidentally, there is no need to panic. Repair other parts first, recycle the coating liquid, wait for about 5 minutes, and then polish and clean the dropping part again and evaporate the coating.

Package List:
1 * Headlight Repair Kit(as picture shown)

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