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  • Products Type: 5D Stereoscopic Carve Gel
  • Color Card: Clear Color
  • Capacity: 15g/jar
  • Package: New Package
  • Application: Nail Beauty Salon for 5D Special Design
  • Cure Lamp: LED or UV Lamp
  • Soak off: Available
  • Warranty: 24 months
  • Gross Weight: 22.5g/piece
  • Quality: European Standard
  • All Colors in Stock: Yes!!!
  • Brand Name: VENALISA
  • Number of Pieces: One Unit
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Ingredient: UV Curable Resin
  • Model Number: 51127
  • NET WT: 15g/jar
  • Quantity: 1piece

Wholekit GDCOCO Nail Gel 12 Functions Gel Combination and Nail Pen/Brush

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Pay more attention please !!!

1, It is especially sticky, but that helps it cling to the nail.
2, It is hard and dry (normal status as follow picture ,please don’t worry to use ) , please dipping brush into a little alcohol (slip solution) makes working this easier if it’s too sticky

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GDCOCO Stereo Carvo Gel (new formula and new parckage)

VENALISA 5D Modeling Stereoscopic Carve Gel Soak off UV LED 10g Nail Painting 3D Sculpture Transparent Color Gel Soft Solid Gel

PVC soft solid gel
1,strong plasticity
2,can be kneaded into various shapes
3,easy to apply , better than 3D modelling gel

VENALISA 5D Modeling Stereoscopic Carve Gel Specification

VENALISA 5D Modeling Stereoscopic Carve Gel Using Step

Step 1.washing hands, wiping nail and removing cuticle

Step 2.Brush a thin layer Venalisa base coat or other base coat, curing 1-2 minutes by 36w UV/led nail lamp

Step 3.Brush a layer 3D modelling gel, modelling some style,curing 2 minutes.

Step 4.Repeat the step 3,confirming the shape.

Step 5.Brush a thin Venalisa top coat or other top coat,hardenging 3 mins,wipe nail surface with cleanser to get perfect shining.

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